About Us

Forac Stock is a provider of health care products, whether it is for your personal needs while living independently or whether you are the owner of a nursing home and are looking for a way to buy products for your facility without entering long term contracts.

Our service is here to provide you with all of your medical and health care supplies at the touch of a button.

We provide a delivery service which will enable you to receive your products within 24-48 hours and they are all high quality products.

As care home suppliers, we provide a range of care home supplies; from medical care, bath aids, shower aids, to moving and handling equipment and many more products for your needs.

Home care products are also available at low cost effective prices making independent living easier as well as cheaper; we offer a wide range of wheelchairs, walking aids and electronic magnifiers.

The daily living aids and toiletries that we offer, are all top quality products that allow the people in your care to live as independently and carry on their usual cleansing routines without depending on the staff, as they would if they didn’t have access to these facilities and products.


Nursing Home Supplies

We are nursing home suppliers, we have an exciting range of nursing home supplies at low and affordable prices; such as care home chairs to make your patients feel more at home and comfortable and also zybax cleaning solutions to help keep all of your facilities clean and safe for everyone in your establishment.

Our supplies are all of the highest quality and help to provide a homely feel to your establishment, without removing the necessary safety features. Our aids and cleaning products make it easier for you to have a clean, hygienic nursing home that staff, patients, and visitors will enjoy being in.

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