Account Customers

We at Forac Stock are happy to accept customers who wish to pay on a credit basis. Currently our credit basis is pay on 30 days after an agreed date between us and yourselves has been reached.

To purchase goods from our shop on a credit basis we first require you to fill our credit application which can be requested by contacting us.

Once we have received your credit application form we will conduct a credit check and contact you within 24 hours to setup your account and run through any queries you have about Forac Stock.

Please note this not a contract and you do not have any obligation to use Forac Stock as a sole provider of goods for yourselves or others.

We are a one-stop shop and are proud to offer our goods at competitive prices without you being tied into long term contracts like most other care suppliers. We do however offer contracts to customers who would like to have a discount applied to all of our goods.

To discuss further about our products and services please contact Castle Finance Direct.

A very special thanks to Simply Removals.